All too often I see properties listed with pictures that were either taken from a cheap camera or, god forbid, a cell phone. I can not stress how incredibly important it is when selling your home to have professional photography. Whether you are listing it For Sale By Owner or with an agent, especially with an agent, I would require them to hire a professional photographer that specializes in real estate photography. I would even go as for to say that if your agent isn’t willing to take on that cost that you should interview a different agent to sell your home.  The two key components to successfully selling a home is Pricing and Marketing. Pricing is first for a reason, no matter how good the pictures are if it’s over priced you WILL sit on it and end up taking less for the property than if you had priced it right. And when marketing your home you have to have top notch photography as this will be every potential buyers first impression of the home and quite often be the deciding factor on whether they will set up a showing. Now with that being said I always hire Blue Lava Media for all of my listings, these guys do an absolutely superb job for not only myself but just about every agent in our office. And just for clarification, I pay for all of my listings photography and media out of my own pocket and this is a cost I absorb even if for some reason your home doesn’t sell. Now to wrap things up if you are in the market for a new home or need to sell yours please feel free to reach out to me on my contact page.